Horror Of War

There is a dynamic in war, the longer it goes on, the more intense and violent becomes behavior of those enaged in fighting. The slaughter in Syria has gone on for over two years with scant evidence that it will cease. Each day brings new stories of murder and violation of people. The Internet now shows a grisly film of a Sryian rebel commander who is eating the lung of a dead government fighter. The perpetrator, Khaled al-Hamad has now admitted that he mutilated the body of a government soldier in an act of revenge. The video shows a rebel soldier cutting out the liver and heart of the dead body as he mumbles hatred toward members of the
Alawite sect. Alawaites are strong supporters of President Bashar al-Assad.

A fellow rebel soldier claims that Hamad had a female relative raped by governmetn forces and wanted to revenge her death. The video only strengthens President Assad and his gang of murderous thugs. We are approaching a point of no return in this war when so many have been brutalized that it is impossible for those remaining to maintain any sense of being able to live in peace with their foes. It is the point of no return when sanity has taken a vacation-for good!