Horror Of Zimbabwe Revealed

The horror that Robert Mugabe has created in Zimbabwe has never been fully revealed to the world although those who suffer in its prisons know only too well what occurs behind prison doors. A documentary that will be filmed on South African television is based on secret filming done by officials and prisoners reveals emaciated inmates and it is estimated about 20 prisoners die daily in the nation’s 55 prisons. The SABC documentary entitled “Hell Hole” shows prisoners who are literally starved to death or succumb to illness that are rampant in the prisons. Many inside rely on food from relatives but with an unemployment rate of 80% and food running out, it is difficult to assist those behind bars.

If not for assistance from Western agencies even more would die in the prisons of Zimbabwe. In the tightly controlled world of Robert Mugabe critics remain silent and fear telling the truth to a man who believes he alone knows it. In the meantime, the innocent di in the prisons of Zimbabwe.