Horror That Is North Korea

Any attempt to write about the regime of North Korea is akin to writing about the Holocaust. In both cases, the lack of any semblance of respect for human life is the most noted characteristic of leadership. Whether Adolf Hitler or Kim Jong-un is the center of attention the end result is the same, there are people we encounter in our lives who simply lack any feeling of human compassion and believe death and brutality are organizing principles for human life. A United Nations report on North Korea notes that for over sixty years the government has engaged in a non-stop war against its OWN PEOPLE. Families are sent to jail, children along with parents, they are starved and worked to death for normal human behavior which the government defines as “acts against the state.” The UN urges that North Korean leaders be charged with crimes in the International Criminal Court.

A Chinese delegate to the UN argues the report is unfair. “The inability of the commission to get support and cooperation from the country concerned makes it impossible for the commission to carryout its mandate in an impartial, objective and effective manner.”

For once, the Chinese are correct. How in God’s name could any normal person who investigates anything about the North Korean government’s behavior toward its own people fail to display disgust?