Hose Down Females Say Swedish Firemen

Swedish fire fighters are a close clan of hard working, hard living, and hard saving men who risk their lives in order to save the lives of others. Of course, when it comes to allowing women into the fraternity of macho males, that is another issue. A recent survey revealed a high percent of Swedish fire fighters regard the entry of women into their profession would undermine camaraderie and destroy the trust men have for one another. Most fire fighters believe the public regards them as physically brave individuals and it women enter the story ot their quest to present selves as heroes, they will be left without public trust. An interesting observation, but one that requires some investigation. Frankly, we believe at the heart of this portrayal of men basking in adulation for their virility is the sight of a man with a hose in hand throwing water on a fire. Of course, a psychologist might interpret this picture of a man holding the hose near his penis as simply the extension of a small piddle of water into a cascading tower of water and this can only be done by someone who can piddle while standing upright.

Frankly, take away the hose, and what does a Swedish male have to show? A tiny upright hose that would not even douse a fire in the doll house!