Hosni Hustled To Jail, Not Death

The good news in being a dictator of a nation is that over the decades in power, a lot of people have received goodies from your hands. The bad news in being a dictator is a revolution might send you to death. But, for Hosni Mubarak, the good news out weighs the bad news. Yes, he was found guilty of having a hand in the death of hundreds of protesters in Tahrir Square and thus off to jail the 84 year old man goes for life. As for charges concerning economic fraud, they were dismissed which allows his sons to get a free pass out of jail.

Military leaders had a hand in what occurred in Tahrir Square and they were certain that no eye would be cast in their direction. Their buddy, and former chief, Hosni Mubarak will undoubtedly be given nice accommodations in jail and will have to spend the remaining days of his life locked up. We have a suspicion, there will be passes to see wife and family.

In the end, the Egyptian military comes out of this difficult situation without having those responsible for the massacre heading off to jail.