Hosni,We Love You!

Oh well, it was simply a matter of time before the man of the hour, or should I say, the man for decades, was finally allowed to leave this jail that evil people had placed his body. Former President Hosni Mubarak was allowed to depart from his prison and is now at th International Medical Center operated by the Egyptian armed forces. This decision was made by the head of the armed forces and is apparently a shot across the bow of the Muslim Brotherhood ship of state. There is scant doubt that millions of secular people and moderate Muslims did not want the tyrant of the past to be set free because there is a tyrant of the present.

Setting Mubarak free merely makes obvious the incredible incompetence of former President Morsi. He made every possible blunder to bring the army back in control. All he had to do was form a government that representd all factions and agree to create a modern government that did not favor any specific religion. Most Egyptians are Muslims and all simply wanted to continue freedom of religion for all and proceed to develop a modern government. Mohamed Morsi should receive the Nobel Prize for incompetent leadership of a nation.!