Hotel Discriminates At Discrimination Seminar

She was invited as a member of the Swedish Roma community to appear at a Discrimination Seminar being held at a hotel. The woman was repeatedly halted by members of the hotel staff and asked what the heck she was doing in their hotel. They even prevented her form having a cup of coffee since it was reserved for hotel guests, not some Roma who had wandered in without an invitation. A Swedish court held “it is almost impossible to imagine that hotel staff in practice approach every single guest they do not immediately recognize.” It awarded the Roma woman compensation for the insulting experience.

On the other hand, it is only logical for a hotel to discriminate if someone is holding a seminar on discrimination within its facilities. By discriminating the hotel proves there is validity in holding such seminars. How else will those at the seminar get first hand knowledge they are learning about discrimination?

P.S. The hotel had no comment about the incident.