Hotline Cools Off

The government of North Korea has ended any conversations on the hotline to South Korea because it is upset at military exercises being conducted by the US and its ally. Of course, they  have exercises just about every year without anger and threats from up north. Kim Jong-un has declared the armistice to be at an end. A few years ago the armistice was declared to be at an end.  Jolly little Kim is demonstrating to his generals that he does deserve to wear a nice uniform and he does deserve the medals which cover his rotund chest. Heck, if you wish to be dictator of North Korea, thatl, in itself is worth at least five very large medals for bravery.

The American government is upset because Kim Jong-un is upset. The little man was informed that since North Korea has made highly provocative statements, “there should be no doubt e will draw upon the full range of our capabilities” to do something. Aside from countering one threat with an equal threat, what would that be?