How About A Peace Olympics?

Nations are displaying the best and brightest of their athletes in the Olympics this winter. Each goes wild with joy as an athlete from their country wins a gold or silver or bronze medal. If the cost of the Olympics was added up, it would reach the billions given years of training and expenditures to just hold the games. We propose creation of a yearly Olympics in which nations vie to display their diplomatic skills in resolving problems. Here are some categories that could be judged in terms of working for peace.

1. Research skills. Who performed the best at presenting cogent arguments that were supported by historical evidence.
2. Which nation posed the most difficult problem to resolve?
3. Which peace team was composed of the most diverse people?
4. Which was the most complex problem to be resolved involving the most nations or groups?
5. Which group utilized the most sophisticated and peace producing language?
6. Which resolved problem did the most to further world peace?
7. Special category to resolve religious issues.

Each category would award winners in this manner: Gold-Ten Billion, Silver–Seven Billion, Bronze-Five Billion.

:Let the Peace Olympics proceed.