How About A Real Peace Award Says China?

A difficulty in reading any Chinese criticism concerning the Nobel peace prize is trapped within its torturous analysis are a few gems of reason. The China Daily expressed the views of the nation’s leaders who regard awarding a peace prize to Liu Xiaobo the equivalent for America to award a peace prize to the head of the Mafia. OK, so Liu didn’t kill as many as Al Capone, but his words are just as dangerous. According to the China Daily a peace prize should go to someone who has worked to avoid violence and who has been receptive to compromise. Fair enough. It then goes on to complain members of the Nobel committee are from Norway which has not done anything spectacular in recent decades when it comes to war, violence and pillage so how could they really understand what it takes to maintain peace? Fair enough. The Nobel committee awarded a Peace Prize to Barack Obama who is supporting war in Afghanistan and it gave one to Russian leader Gorbachev whose actions “destroyed and disrupted his country.” Well, no so OK as far as truth is concerned. At the core of the paper’s anger is giving a peace prize to Liu Xiaobo, “a law offender who tries to subvert China.” If I understand their argument, anyone who opposes a dictatorial government is, in essence, a violent person who is against peace. I guess this view has some logic, but the reasoning most probably gets lost in translation.

As far as the China Daily is concerned, the great Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping never got it, and, neither did Mao Tse-tung! How come Deng never got a peace prize? After all he helped send over twenty million people to a peaceful life in heaven so doesn’t he deserve some sort of reward? Perhaps the Nobel committee could establish a peace prize to the dictatorial government which offers the best rationale for being a dictatorship?