How About Winning In Libya?

We Americans have had a bad stretch with war in Afghanistan lasting nearly ten years and going on eight in Iraq. It is time for America to fight a war which will restore our pride and not result in many people getting injured. Perhaps, it is time to play the Libya card and get into this conflict. Yesterday, Gaddafi sent a Scud missile into the air and it landed in the desert with no casualties except for some gophers getting scared. This is just the war our country needs, send in the Marines, get rid of Gaddafi and raise our flag over Tripoli.

But, this time, we do NOT hang around for any festivities, we raise the flag and grab the next plane out of the damn place. Right now a crowd of disorderly guys are doing something that resembles fighting a war and Gaddafi’s guys are scurrying away. OK, it’s sort of difficult to tell who is the Libya government, but, heck we face that problem everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why don’t we term this the Five Day War and we leave, come hell or hot water? At least, we restore our pride and old Glory is finally raised over an enemy that is beaten!