How Come No Rupert Murdoch Charge?

Scotland Yard arrested several members of the staff that ran News International including chief executive Rebekah Brooks. They are charged with conspiring to pervert the course of justice dealing with the crime of phone hacking. This group is charged with intercepting phone messages as part of their endeavor to be the newspaper with the most vivid information about the lives of people.  Ms. Brooks will be charged with attempting to subvert the course of justice.

The more interesting question is where does Rupert Murdoch and his son fit into this picture of crime? Did they know what was going on? If not, why not? Is Mr. Murdoch responsible for the actions of people he hired to run his vast media empire? If not him, then who is responsible? It is not clear if Mr. Murdoch is guilty of anything other than hiring the wrong people.

Most probably, if the past is any guide to the present, none of those who were in charge will ever be charged with anything. Such is life when one has billions.