How Come We Missed The Fun?

As I sit glued to my TV set watching torrents of water pour through streets and children playing in the water or adults in their car headed for the mountains I feel cheated out of being an outcast when so many are having a good time. I have to go to work in St. Louis while thousands get a day off in Baltimore or New York City. I don’t get a chance to participate in a pajama party at some friend’s house where we can spend the night swapping Hurricane Irene stories.

Millions of dollars are pouring into New Jersey along with the pouring rain even as Governor Christie who dislikes “Federal handouts” is holding out two hands to grab the loot from Obama. Just about every single Republican governor who blasts Federal spending is demanding more Federal spending for his state. There is something funny when Texas Governor Perry receives the most Federal money of states while he decries Federal spending.

I think it is time to go play with my Republican fellow children as rain wets our heads and we can shout with glee to the sky: “Rain, Rain, pour down on me, but don’t send money to anyone but me.”