How Did I Wind Up In Liege?

An Air France flight from Fez in Morocco was delayed for three hours for some unknown reason, but anyone who boards a plane knows at some point there will be a delay. The passengers were mainly a group returning from holidays in the desert land of Morocco and they looked forward to getting home to Beauvais in France. The plane made it most of the way across France, but suddenly there was fog, and suddenly passengers found themsevles in Liege, Belgium. The pilots left the plane, heck they had some serious stuff to do in Liege or who knows where. Toilets were locked and a hostess told the folk they would be boarding a bus in order to get to Beauvais, 225 miles away.

A hundred passengers said enough is enough. They staged a sit down strike on the plane and demanded that a plane should fly them to Beauvais, I believe the ticket said that was the destination, not Liege. Airline spokesmen claimed passengers got very “aggressive” and “demanding.” They insisted the destination on their ticket was where they should land, but to the airline, Air France has the right to decide where you land, not the ticket. I’m confused. I purchase an airline ticket whose destination is Beaubvais and they land me in Liege and claim I should take a bus to Beauvais??

I guess the destination where planes land is negotiable and Air France makes the decision, not passengers. Anyway, they finally boarded the bus and drove home. In fairness to Air France, they did not charge for the bus trip. As for the inconvenience, that is another story.