How Did This Begin?? Will It Ever End??

The dogs of war are howling throughout the Middle East,and their yelps of bitter anger can be heard by all. It is now sixty six years since Mars appeared in the Middle East and urged one and all to get on with the task of killing one another. Yes, Arab armies declined a peaceful solution to the problem of what was then Palestine, and thus set in motion an ongoing series of conflicts. Of course, by now there has been time for members of both sides, most probably, there are a dozen sides, to claim to represent virtue and peace. The argument–I am the good guy who wants peace, but THOSE PEOPLE refuse to play with me in the garden of peace! There is no humor in this agonized tale of anger, hate, refusal to compromise and self justification for any act taken by someone who is on MY SIDE. The current madness began with the murder of three innocent Israeli boys who were undoubtedly killed by someone -or some group–that regarded themselves as adherents of Hamas. I do not argue the point the killers were either supporters of members of Hamas. In either case, they murdered the innocent.

The next step in this nightmare scenario came with the murder of another innocent boy–who happened to be a Muslim. There is no doubt he was murdered by Jewish boys seeking revenge. And, what better way to secure revenge than to kill someone who had nothing to do with the original murder? So, how did leaders react to these events? President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority condemned the murders of Jewish boys and asked his police to investigates. Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu demanded revenge. He assumed the murderers were members of Hamas and had been ordered to kill. So, the Israel air force proceeded to blast away at the Gaza Strip along with Israel naval vessels. Hamas reacted with ever more rockets fired into Israel.

All signs point to an Israel invasion of the Gaza Strip. I can guarantee there will be more rockets and missiles headed toward Israel. Most will be shot down, but some will explode. This will require revenge for those murdered by Hamas missiles, and so on and so on. The blasts go on and on. PM Netanyahu told Israelis, “I call on you to display patience because the operation could take time.”

I assume that 66 years is not time enough. So, more patience. It may take another 66 years, but we WILL WIN!