How Different Is Netanyahu From Other Israel Leaders?

On the eve of Passover in which the youngest boy asks his elders, “why is this night different from all other nights?” many Israelis are asking, “why is our current prime minister different from all other prime ministers?” Benjamin Netanyahu, by his stubborn refusal to engage in honest negotiations with Palestinian leaders has created a crisis with the American government that is unprecedented in the history of Israel. There are reports the US delegation at the Security Council, instead of using a veto to protect Israel, will abstain if a proposal is put forth condemning Israel action in building houses in Arab sections of Jerusalem. Israel officials have asked the White House if the US will use its veto, but have been unable to receive a response. There are also reports the European Union will support such a resolution in the UN.

Isaac Herzog, leader of the Labor Party which is part of the Netanyahu government indicated his party might decide to leave the government. “Labor will reach its moment of truth after Passover when it will have to decide whether or not to stay in the coalition.” A new poll reveals that 53% of Israelis are not satisfied with the Netanyahu leadership and 48% felt Israel’s international standing was very poor.

President Obama must hold firm if he cares about the nation of Israel.