How Do Rich Become Rich?

President Barack Obama is under attack for a statement he made concerning success in America. He  said: “you didn’t  get there on your own” and noted”there’s a whole lot of hardworking people out there.” Mitt Romney claims this statement is an attack on the wealthy of America, who apparently got there on their own. Mitt notes the work of Henry Ford or Carnegie or Steve Jobs as individuals who got there on their own. Let’s examine the record:

1.  Henry Ford introduced mass production of  cars and  paid decent wages to his workers. Of course, the cars would be useless without roads and bridges. Sorry Mitt, I hate to tell you but roads and bridges were built by “the government.”

2. “The government” created a mass education which included outstanding public universities which provided free or inexpensive education for poor and middle class children.

3. Steve Jobs developed computers, but his business was based on using the Internet which was a “government development.”

4. Obama is correct in citing a teacher who helped you in life, and that teacher was a “government employee.”

5. Obama is correct in noting that workers did the work which enabled individuals to become wealthy. For example, the UAW and  automobile manufacturers worked together to create an outstanding automobile industry.

6. As for Mitt, I think it helped a little to have a wealthy dad who provided a free education at one of the best universities in the world, and one at which Mitt could make the right contacts.