How Far Will Ahmadinejad Go?

The situation within Iran regarding the power of Ahmadinejad is still unclear. Does he have complete support from Ayatollah Khamenei? Have hard-lined clerics decided to crush the entire more moderate clergy including sending some to prison? Iranian security agents raided offices belonging to senior reform leader, Mahdi Karroubi and arrested four of his aides. They apparently confiscated documents dealing with investigations into the abuse of prisoners during recent crackdowns on protestors. Morteza Alviri, a former vice president was also arrested and his last words to reporters was, “I’m being taken away by security agents rights now.”

Ahmadinejad is on a slippery slope and he could slide down into a situation in which top leaders of the clergy who oppose his leadership might be arrested. How would that play in the Iranian parliament which contains many who dislike and distrust the Ahmadinejad government?

Frankly, there are presently too many unknowns to state this or that will occur. At this moment, prospects for reformers are not good. But, then again, there is always tomorrow.