How Gay Can Gay Couple Be?

The United States of America is currently at a stage of confusion regarding the right of gay people. Several states allow gay couples to marry, the armed forces are protecting the rights of gay couples to benefits, but in many states there is no such thing as gay rights. A same-sx couple in Kentucky is asking a judge to grant them the same rights as provided a married couple regarding issues of testifying against a spouse. Bobbie Jo Clary is accused to murdering a man in Louisville in October, 2011. The prosecution is demanding that her same sex partner, Geneva Case testify in the trial against Clary. The defense filed a motion to block teh subpoena on grounds is violates spousal privilege against testying when the issue pertains to a spouse.

Kentucky law exempts spouses from testifying when their spouse is the subject of a crime. So, what gives, do gay couples enjoy the right to be truly gay and protet a spouse? Ah, the never ending issues raised by failure to have national legislation dealing with same-sex relations.