How Long The Tyrant Is Question?

The end is near for Bashar al-Assad, the only remaining questions are-when and how? Fighting is raging in Damascus, in Aleppo and throughout the entire nation. Four more Syrian generals crossed the border into Turkey and volunteered their talents to remove from power the man who used to lead them. Assad ordered artillery  attacks on Aleppo, a city containing many Sunni and some Christian residents. Reality is that Assad has lost control of rural areas and now clings to portions of cities.

There is now scant doubt Bashar and his family will shortly depart their land and head in another direction. Assad lingered too long and now it is doubtful if any Arab nation would accept his presence. I assume his fate is in the cold climate of Russia. He is not welcome in any European country, in any Arab nation, but he always has fellow thug Vladimir Putin as a fall back.

Have a good winter in Moscow.