How Many Deployments Until No Deployments?

The United States Army has been engaged in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan for over eight years, a longer time period that both World War I and World War II combined. The strain on American armed forces is not only unusual but devastating in American history for those who fight to defend their country. Sgt. Bobby Martin Jr. has been fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq for more than three years. During that time, he has seen five of his men killed since 2003 and four of those died the past year. He quietly notes: “This is a lot of wear and tear.” Ironically, the American public shares some of the fatalism that is so prevalent among troops. A recent USA TODAY poll revealed that 67% of Americans believe we will be fighting somewhere about something 20 years from now.

Captain Jason Adler notes with a tinge of bitterness, about men “who go to war three or four times and continue to do what’s asked of them when others refuse.” The impact on soldiers is never discussed by the brave men and women who report on FOX News and want Americans to fight everywhere in the world. Latest reports indicate that one in four soldiers admits to using narcotic medication in a twelve month period. Perhaps, Spc. Shamont Simpson put it succinctly, “I’m just tired. Physically tired and mentally tired.”

President Obama claims the buck stops at his desk. Fine. Now, how about asking Congress to reintroduce the draft and protect the lives of those who have fought, and fought, and fought and are being asked to fight and fight and fight!!