How Mitt Can Win!

I am 82 and during my entire life has one vote ever been cast for a member of the Republican party, but in the spirit of fairness let me offer several suggestions to Mr. Romney, the man who can’t talk straight.

1. Take ownership of the health care plan you pushed through in Massachusetts. Argue that it is the model for America.

2. State your willingness not to prevent women from having access to Planned Parenthood, to contraception, but once elected will organize a special task force to examine the issue of abortion and make recommendations.

3. Make clear that everyone in this country must accept some form of tax increase if there are to be cuts in funding for projects and departments.

4.  Argue that creating jobs must be the task both of private enterprise and government. You will support both efforts.

5.  Promise to appoint a bipartisan congressional group to come up with recommendations on immigration reform.

6. Make clear that any military action in the Middle East will only be done in coordination with NATO allies. Israel will not control this decision which could cost the lives of Americans.

Above all, speak from your heart and think about those who lack money or jobs. THEY are your audience.