How Much Longer In Afghanistan?

The years roll by, the war continues, the deaths go on, the yearning for peace grows or dwindles depending on optimism or pessimism. We are entering the tenth year of a war begun by George Bush and not completed by George Bush. Afghanistan President Karzai openly admitted that his government over the past year has been in contact with the Taliban in order to discuss peace possibilities. According to an Afghan spokesperson, these talks have been conducted at “different levels of Taliban wanting to reconnect with the government.” Karzai established a peace council headed by Burhanuddin Rabbani, whose opening comment was: “How much longer can we wait for foreigners to establish security for us?” Great question and the answer is: hurry up creating a government that is capable of governing this nation and you will see the dust of our departing feet!

Afghanistan is not ours to save. Afghanistan is not ours to secure their stability. Afghanistan is not ours to lose. Winning or losing, whatever they might mean, are in the hands of the people of Afghanistan. That point has never fully been grasped by George Bush or Barack Obama.