How Not To Fight Wars

The Pakistani army is upset. The Pakistani army wants to be informed by American intelligence as to what they seek to do in order to allow time for the ISI to contact those being targeted fro destruction. After all, the primary goal of Pakistan’s secret intelligence is to protect militants from actions of American armed forces. It is all very clear:

1. The ISI wants to receive billions in aid from the USA.

2. The ISI created the Taliban.

3. The ISI intends to ensure the Taliban gain control of Afghanistan.

4. If the Taliban gains control of Afghanistan this prevents India from having influence in that nation.

5. The entire purpose of working with the USA is to make certain the ISI can defeat India’s military.

Once again, US intelligence informed the Pakistan government about bomb making sites in their country. Once again, drone planes photographed militants packing up their equipment and getting the hell out of the area. Once again, Pakistan military units arrived AFTER the militants left.

Has the US considered forming an alliance with the Taliban and al-Qaeda in order to defeat Pakistan?