Unlike prior administrations in American history, the  Republican party has its own approach to deal with a natural disaster.

1.  Chop wood in Texas and send the scraps to disaster areas in order to build new houses.

2.  If your house was wiped out by a hurricane, ask yourself: how about building a new home in the right place next time?

3.  So, exactly what is the problem with some water in the basement? The kids can swim in it.

4.  Blame it on Obama.

5.  Stop using Socialist firemen and replace them with free enterprise ones. They will get the fire out quicker since they get a bonus.

6.  How about blaming disasters on gay marriage?

7.  Tell folks, “next time pray to God more frequently and loudly.”

8.  Look at the bright side-houses destroyed means the Republican job program will be in full swing.

9. If nothing else works, blame it on al-Qaeda.

10.  Tell folks: “remember,every dark cloud is followed by the bright sun.