How To Antagonize Communist China?

It does not take much to arouse the anger of Chinese Communist leaders — just mention the word–Tibet and say something negative about Chinese rule of the area. The House of Representatives passed a resolution, one among the many that are daily voted on, and made reference to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and denial of basic rights to have a voice in their own governance. China Daily apparently does not know the difference between a “resolution” and a “bill” since it charged the House had passed a bill concerning Tibet. In essence, the China Daily story, sums up its nation’s interpretation of events as follows: Tibet was governed by feudal minded religious leaders but once Chinese troops ended “serfdom” in Tibet it ushered in an era of social and economic progress– much like America in the fifties according to Chinese officials.

The Chinese government has a propensity to exaggerate the “interference” by outside nations in the internal affairs of China. Instead of granting people in Tibet some local autonomy which would then justify Chinese occupation, the Communist Party only knows one way of responding to any criticism– you are wrong and we are right, you have never been right and we have never been wrong. It may well play great in Communist Party meetings, but it bores the rest of the world.