How To Define Success In Afghanistan?

At a recent talk before the National Press Club, General David Petraeus, said it was impossible to define “victory” on the basis of how many of the enemy was killed in a fight. He argued the fight against the Taliban was going ‘mildly positive” but refused to be pinned down on whether there is need for more troops in Afghanistan. A major issue raised at this discussion was how to deal with troops who are on multiple deployment and are fatigued, but at the same time, they must be alert and ready to fight despite exhaustion.

It is legitimate to ask how does one define “victory in Afghanistan? We just sent 20,000 more soldiers to Afghanistan but no one cane readily define when we know if this thing called “victory” has ever happened. Is there something wrong with this approach?

  • Slashingtonguedotcom

    We can win this war! We win the day we dismantle Al Qaeda in that country! We must not lose focus. The Pakistanis have finally started to go after the Taliban at their side of the border. We are killing leaders after leaders all around the world. If we can secure Iraq, we can secure Afghanistan. For more please visit my site…

  • Fred Stopsky

    Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, has been commenting the war is going badly and that the Taliban controls large areas of Afghanistan. I assume you know something he does not.