How To End College Deficits

There is no doubt a growing crisis exists in nations like the US or the United Kingdom over the rising desire of young people to attend universities. Fifty years ago, less than one percent of young students desired to attend or had the means to attend colleges, but today close to 20% desire such a goal. So, how does a nation deal with the ever growing desire for higher education and the ever growing university deficits that result from more students? The Conservative Party government of David Cameron has discovered a simple solution to the problem. Guess what it is?

Cameron has pushed through a tripling of how much it cost to attend a university in England. The new fee, beginning in September, 2011, will be about $15,000 which is quite a bit different from $5,000. As students became aware of the change, the result was that college applications for this year went up by 2.1%. In contrast, college applications for 2009 – 2010 went up 20%. So, have you figured out the Cameron Solution?

Make college so expensive that only those from upper middle class and wealthy families can attend. We then allow poor young people to take jobs in garbage collection or working in the fields harvesting crops. This means we don’t need immigrants, we can keep England white and pure and our taxes will go down. God Bless the Cameron Solution!