How To End Drug Wars

I do not agree with many of Ron Paul’s views on politics or social policy, but one must admit he is the only American political leader who is willing to speak the unmentionable–it is time to legalize drugs and end the madness which envelops so many parts of the Western Hemisphere. Yesterday in Mexico they found 38 bodies strewn along a major highway, people who, either were in a gang shoot-out or happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. During the past four years over 38,000 innocent people have died due to drug lords and drug wars. And, the American people sleep peacefully, unaware their desire for drugs has devastated large areas of Latin America and created two bit thugs who parade around with hundreds of millions which can be used to pay off politicians and police.

The United States lost the drug war during Prohibition and finally admitted the episode was a mistake. It is time to admit another mistake and legalize drugs by placing sales in the hands of the government. Low cost drugs would be available to anyone who enters a drug program or we could simply offer free drugs to heavy users in exchange for rehabilitation programs. The flip side is saving billions in criminal costs, prison construction, and revenue by the sale of drugs.