The Danish government has identified a sure fire way of dealing with global warming that does not cost billions of dollars and does not interfere with the every-day life of humans– FAMILY PLANNING! According to Danish Minister of Development Cooperation, Ulia Tamaes, if women in underdeveloped nations were persuaded not to have so many children, we could take a major step in dealing with global warming. She argues poor women in poor nations are the ones who are most impacted by global warming so if we could persuade them to cease having all these children, there will be fewer people which means less use of natural resources which results in less impact on global resources.

Why not take this idea one step further? What if we ended all sexual contacts that resulted in having children? Eventually, all humans would disappear from the planet, and nature would be left to the remaining animals. At least this suggestion does not cost a single penny and it allows gas guzzlers to continue their onslaught on nature to their heart’s desire– at least until they die. No people, no global warming. At that point, those who decry the very idea of humans causing global warming will not have to worry.

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    Global warming have no relation with chilren it shall took in to hold only by minimizing the needs that now a days man use to have and also control extravagance…this will end all the prevailing problems