How To Get Writer’s Cramp–Write Like Taslima!

Taslima Nasreen, was forced to flee her native Bangladesh because of her writings concerning Muslim women and their right to wear clothes they desire. Riots broke out in the Indian city of Karnataka that left two dead because of this notorious woman who has weird ideas about the rights of Muslim women. She has written against the burqa, which to some fundamentalist Muslims, is akin to drawing cartoons which depict the Prophet Mohammed in poses that are not complimentary. Several members of the Indian Parliament expressed support for her and as one noted: “she is not Mafia. She has not committed any criminal offense. She should be allowed to stay.”

Most probably, she will head back to the European Union which has offered this gifted woman an opportunity to live in peace and to write in peace. Hopefully, there will come a day when Muslim women enjoy the same rights as men and can express themselves without unleashing the forces of hate and violence.

Funny, no one ever riots about what Muslim men wear.