How To Handle Student Protests

Student protests are filling the streets of London due to a significant rise in tuition costs. For most of the students who are shouting and screaming the alternative to expressing their anger is behaving like nice quiet sheep-like Americans who quietly accept whatever authorities say they should pay to get educated. Just about every college in America is raising the cost of obtaining a college education even while Wall Street is paying out over $150 billion in bonus gifts to those who work on the street. The new American tax bill will cost the nation at least a Trillion in debt since wealthy people would be upset at paying an extra THREE PERCENT in taxes. A national debt of an additional $100 billion would pay most tuition costs for nearly half the students in American colleges, but raising the debt by paying college tuition is fiscally irresponsible, but raising it by $900 is fiscally sound!

London police are pondering use of water cannon. They already have arrested 180 and a few dozen kids have been injured along with 12 policemen. How about instituting a surcharge on all banks in England and using that money to reduce tuition costs?