How To Have A Free Election In Egypt

The history of modern Egypt is a constant series of strong men who rule, die naturally or under violent conditions and simply pass the baton on to the next strong man. President Mubarak has been around for nearly 20 years and standing in the wings is his son ready to become the next strong man. Mohamed ElBaradei, a former key UN leader, has returned home to campaign for the presidency but insists there be guarantees it will be a free election. Among his demands are: lifting of the emergency law, reinstating judicial overview of elections, and election monitoring buy local and international NGOs. In addition he wants equal time on television for those running for the presidency. Among the key issues raised by ElBaradei is removal of the right of government to decide who can or cannot run for public office.

Even as he spoke in favor of free elections, a lawyer filed a lawsuit calling for the arrest of ElBaradei on grounds he was “spreading chaos and shaking the confidence of Egyptians in their leaders.” How about this lawyer visiting America if he wants to see in action opposition candidates who blast the president and try stirring up anger against government officials!