How To Make Terrorists Powerful?

The government of Turkey is doing everything in its power to increase the popularity of Kurdish militants when by simply adhering to the principles of a free election it would wipe out the power of the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party(PKK). Most people in Kurdistan wish to avoid violence and become part of the political process so what does the government of Turkey do?– It bans 12 Kurds who are running for public office from being viable candidates! The International Terrorism and Transnational Crime Research Center’s Director, Suleyman Ozeren believes the end result is to open the door for the PKK to initiate actions of terrorism. “The PKK was already preparing for increased tension. And the decision to bar independent candidates served its purpose.” He expects voters will be upset, they will be more receptive to ideas from the PKK and moderates are left being powerless.

The future is clear. The PKK will be conducting protests. At some point in a protest, someone will get shot by nervous security forces, which will result in more demonstrations, more deaths and more violence. What exactly is the plan of the ruling Justice and Development Party which is going to win the election? Seek a 100% vote tally?