How To Obtain Immortality-Rule An African Nation?

Hundreds of years ago, Ponce de Leon went searching for the Fountain of Youth. Little did he know, that the fountain was not in North America, but south in Africa. President Robert Mugabe just celebrated his 86th birthday, still president of the country he helped to gain independence from England. As one reviews leaders of African nations it appears quite a few are run by men(sorry women, you only appear in Liberia) who are up in age and many have ruled and ruled and ruled for many years. Some like President Mamadou of Niger, simply rewrite the Constitution when it comes time to step down or Mugarab in Egypt just manipulate the vote to ensure their victory and, most probably se the stage for Number One son to take over when they finally decide to retire.

Go down the list, Nigeria, Algeria, Cameroons, and so on, all nations ruled by elderly men. Ironically, the oldest is Nelson Mandela who is living proof at 91 that you can live on and on without running a country.

P.S. Any African nation looking for an 80 year old American guy who would be happy to relocate to that continent if promised immortality?