How To Reduce US Budget Deficit

The American budget simply has run a deficit for over ten years and there is no end in sight. Republicans argue the budget can be reduced by cutting taxes which reduces the amount of money for the government and President Obama indicates we might close a few military bases and save a few million. Perhaps, it is time for the Obama administration to gaze across the Atlantic Ocean and make contact with the Reverend Alex Brown who has discovered an interesting approach to raising money without raising taxes. He arranged marriages for African males seeking a way to remain in the UK since they were now citizens of the European Union. All it took for the Reverend Brown was to find women in eastern European countries who wanted a few bucks and he would marry them off to the African males and everyone was happy. Income for his parish rose from $1500 to about $44,000 due to this man’s noble efforts to make the world a happier place. All it required was for the man to show up at the church, say a few words, perhaps even give a hug to his wife, and then leave as a permanent EU citizen. A few women were upset because as soon as the ceremony ended, they had to surrender their wedding dress.

How about allowing illegal immigrants marry single American women which would end the entire conflict over illegals in this country, allow women who have lost their jobs to earn income and give a percent of all this money to the Federal government in order to balance our books? This makes more sense than reducing taxes on the wealthy in order to reduce the deficit.