We offer some practical suggestions to truly reform education in America.

1. Any Politician who uses the expression, “reform of education,” must pass a test on the history of education or shout up!

2. Teachers elect the principal.

3. Principals elect the superintendent of schools.

4. At least 60% of questions posed by a teacher must be either a critical or creative thinking one.

5. Teachers run the school. If not kids come, then close it down.

6. Any test must be open book. Pharmacists look it up, don’t they, why not the rest of us?

7. All national exams banned.

8. One hour each day of physical activity for students.

9. The BA is attained in a three year program. Save money and save boredom.

10. Material on multiculturalism includes all cultures in American society.

11. Homework assignments must entail use of what was learned, not more of what was learned.

12. No school contains more than 100 students.