How To Run An Election

The nation of Kazakhstan has provided the western world of a new approach to holding elections. People in this fair nation know BEFORE ballots are cast who will win the election. In fact, a member of the opposition party who opposed the beloved leader, President Nursultan Nazarbayev, decided to cast his vote for the winner. After all, why vote for someone who cannot win the election.

President N has been accused of things like corruption, but at least he understands the reason for getting elected is to be able to make some money. OK, so his family has stored away a few billion dollars, but they do it openly, not like US politicians who receive “campaign contributions.” There is something about an honest crooked fixed election that warms the heart of those who enjoy politics.

One must admit when President N says “we will vote for stability in our society” he knows what that means. Just remember, if someone else gets elected president, they would have to change the name on offiicial stationary. He is a man of the people, for the people and does not want the people to worry during elections.