How To Topple Syrian Dictator?

Each day in Syria witnesses further deaths of the innocent, further brutality by the government and further inaction by Muslim nations. Two months ago, tens of thousands gathered in public outrage against denial of human rights in Egypt or Tunisia or Algeria, but today, there are no outcries of anger in those  nations toward brutal behavior on the part of the Syrian government. It is estimated since the weekend at least 140 more people were murdered by Syrian security forces.

The people of Syria continue their heroic fight for human rights. People come out day after day, night after night, knowing they will be attacked, beaten and even killed by government forces, but they continue gathering and protesting. We salute these brave heroes who fight for human rights. But, we wonder, whatever happened to human rights activists in Egypt or Tunisia? Are they concerned with events in Syria? Do they feel a sense of comradeship with fellow Muslims who fight for human rights?

Perhaps, the people of Syria should have someone post a cartoon which depicts Mohammad doing something or other. It is bound to unleash anger throughout the Muslim world at the infidels in Damascus. WHERE ARE THE IMAMS WHEN THOUSANDS OF MUSLIM ARE BEING KILLED?