How To Win An Election In Rwanda

The nation of Rwanda lives in the hearts of many people due to the horrific genocide which swept the country during the 1990s that resulted in the deaths of untold thousands of Tutsi people by the Hutu government. After the Tutsi army was able to regain control of the nation, it was hoped a new era of peace and respect for human life would become the norm. Alas, those who once were persecuted all too often adopt behaviors of their enemies rather than behaviors of peace and democracy. An election looms and the government of Rwanda has decided it must win the contest. A simple solution is placing in prison those who oppose the government or, just kill a few to send the message of how to vote. Andre Kagwa Rwiscreta, a senior member of the opposing party was found hacked to death, the fourth such killing of critics in the past few months.

A few weeks ago, an editor of a newspaper which opposes the government initially had his paper closed and shortly after had his life closed. Rwanda has suffered too much in the past decades to renew hate and violence as the norm of behavior. Remember the genocide and return to the path of democracy.