How To Win Elections

I was raised in New York City when it was run by political bosses so rigging elections was part of my normal electoral life. However,  those nice Irish political bosses must be turning over in their graves at the antics of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin when it comes to election rigging.   A member of  Putin’s  United Russia party told the Moscow Times how they fixed votes to ensure United Russia would win. He  received training in ballot box stuffing so it could be performed in a quiet manner.

Workers at the  Moscow precinct spent the entire day filling out ballots in order to meet their quota of 65% for the right party.  Actually, when the final vote was counted they did not have 65% so back to work  went the crew. A member of the Central Election Committe told the Moscow Times that United Russia made agreements with other parties regarding how much each would get.  Initally, they wanted close to 90% but decided to settle for 65% in the spirit of compromise.

I wonder if an American college will offer a course on ballot box stuffing. How much credit would I get for taking it is the question.