How To Win Friends And Influence People

There is scant doubt large numbers of the Taliban have fled from Khandahar where they have been prominent for years. American troops are now able to go on patrols without worrying about bombs and local residents are more than willing to reveal the presence of Taliban. This change in attitude is not due to hatred of the Taliban so much as fear of the current Afghan government. Governor Karim Jen got tired of ruling over frightened people so he decided to give them something they can fear–him! Jen ordered Afghan troops to seize shopkeepers and random people, bind their hands and make them follow US patrols in order to make certain someone would reveal the placement of bombs.

About two-thirds of Taliban forces have fled the area. People now line up seeking jobs from the Americans and there is a semblance of peace and order. The real question is whether this will last? Can a population be frightened into cooperation is another question? Or, is this picture of Afghanistan fantasy created by the Pentagon?