How to Win War In Afghanistan

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, lived two nice brothers. One of the brothers ruled the fair land, but there arose some bad men who wanted to rule the land. Prince Hamid decided he needed help and he summoned some nice, nice people from the lands of America and from Europe. These nice people went into the countryside and they began to capture the bad men who were against the prince and his brother. The bad people were called, “Taliban, ” and after they got in jail, the good prince decided to do something. The bad Taliban would get drugs and other bad things and they would shoot at the nice people from America and Europe. Prince Hamid had an idea. If a bad Taliban was captured and placed in prison, he would release the bad person and receive some bad good things in exchange for granting freedom to all who opposed his rule.

The above is not a fairy tale. President Hamid Karzai and his Ahmed run a nice ship called the Afghan government. It has come to the attention of American officials that as their troops capture members of the Taliban, the nice President Karzai and his brother are releasing them. We can assume the Taliban know if they surrender and are placed in prison, a few words, or a few bucks placed in the right hand will guarantee them freedom. Wikileaks notes that five border police who were caught with heroin and sentenced to jail for 16 years were freed by the nice man who is president of the country on grounds they were related to “those who had been martyred during the civil war.”

I wonder if President Karzai and his nice brother are concerned about American and European soldiers who are being martyred in the current war to protect his butt!