How Will It All End In Syria?

President Bashar al-Assad is determined to continue digging his hole of futility in hope it will emerge in another land and another time. The story is always the same in Syria. Troops with their tanks enter a town, fire away at people, come to a mosque and shoot into the air in order to disperse men who have been at prayer, and then they lob a few shells in order to demonstrate bravery. After all, it requires courage sitting in a tank and blasting away with your machine gun at some women and children.

A spokesperson for the Syrian Revolution Co-Ordinator Union, says tanks entered the port city of Latakia. “Tanks and armored cars entered as far as possible into the narrow streets and they started to use machine guns to fire at homes.” There is no question Assad soldiers can fire away. At some point, men will resort to guerrilla warfare and Assad will be facing his version of Iraq or Afghanistan.