Hu Hues To Peace Line

It would be helpful if someone actually knew what was in the minds of those in charge of North Korea. China has been a long term friend and ally to the nation which is a mystery to the world. It now appears even the Chinese do not have a clue what or who is in charge of North Korea. President Hu Jintao of China contacted President Obama in order to help ensure neither the US nor South Korea allowed their emotions to explode into action against the bully to the north. “We need easing of tensions, not a ratcheting up, dialogue, not confrontation, peace, not war.” He is worried conditions might lead either side to resort to war and that would be tragic since the only result would be devastation to the entire Korean peninsula. It now appears the US and China will draw closer because each has a great deal to lose if war breaks out between north and south Korea. However, even as he reached out to the American president, the US, Japan and South Korea were meeting to discuss strategy and alternatives.

It is time to move away from talks that exclude China. Any resolution of the crisis requires the active involvement of China. Peace, not war is the only solution.