Hu Jintao Talks-Bush Listens

Accoding to the China Daily, President Hu Jintao, has a long telephone conversation with President Bush in which the Chinese leader explained to the American what really is going on in the world. Hu made certain Bush understod the protestors in Tibet were like those wild violent hippy protestors against the Vietnam War figuring George would shake his head in agreement. Hu made clear his government has tried desperately to maintain friendly relations with the separatist, violent Dalai Lama but he refuses to cooperate. He said China was willing to discuss the situation with the Dalai Lama if he would only cease urging an independent nation. Hu expressed appreciation for Bush’s support of China in opposing Taiwan declaring its independence. Bush made clear he would be at the Olympics and he would oppose any effort to have the games cancelled. After all, he has free tickets and they are in a good location so why blow the freebie.

Please let me make clear, the above is NOT FACTUAL but is manufactured by my brain since the China Daily never told its readers exactly what were the responses of George Bush.