Huckabee Hustles Ignorance

Mike Huckabee, who grew up in Arkansas, a former colony of the Spanish, ordinarily offers the political world some humor and good natured comments. But, the presidential bug has infected his mind which means it is now necessary to prove to Republicans that Sarah Palin is to the left of his political views. What better way than to claim Barack Obama is not really an American? In a distorted ignorant interview on radio he told Tea Party folk that Obama was raised in Kenya and had an anti-British view of life.

According to Mke, “one thing I do know is his growing up in Kenya, his view on the Brits, for example, is very different than the average American.” He went on to argue that Barack “grew up hearing that the British w ere a bunch of imperialistss who persecuted his grandfather.” And, to prove his point, he noted Obama removed the bust of Churchill in the White House.

One, Tea Party followers agree the British were imperislists! Just ask anyone of them.
Two, I asked fifty college students if they knew who Winston Churchill was and not a single one knew anything about the man. When I noted Obama had removed the Churchill bust and replaced it with one of Lincoln, all agreed with Obama.
Three, less than one percent of Americans would ever use the expression, “Brits.” I would like to know if Huckabee actually grew up in America!!