Hug And Die In Iran!

There are crimes against humanity, crimes against nature, crimes against God, and crimes against the Iranian regime. Of course, there are also crimes against those who run the nation of Iran. Perhaps, you killed a person, perhaps you stole some money, yes, these fall into the category of crimes in the Iranian form of government. But, there are special crimes which violate all that is holy and decent  in the eyes of God. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad went to Venezuela in order to attend the funeral of the dead President Hugo Chavez. He encountered the mother of Chavez, she was crying, and then Mahmoud committed a crime against humanity. HE HUGGED THE GRIEVING MOTHER!!

Iranian religious conservatives are furious. Mahmoud is guilty of a haram-a sinful act that is offensive  because he touched a woman who was not a relative. He also made another of his idiotic comments when claiming that Chavez “would be resurrected alongside of Jesus.”

Yes, there are crimes and there are crimes. Just don’t hug anyone when in Iran-unless it is a  relative!