Hugo Chavez– Leader Of Everything

Hugo Chavez, in the typical manner of leaders who believe they alone possess the truth, denounced the construction of a mall in Caracas and demanded it cease work. For some strange reason, although the mall was being built in the heart of downtown Caracas, the president appeared unaware of its construction. He said he was driving thought downtown Caracas and finally realized someone was building something. “I passed by there just recently and said, What is this? My God!” He ordered a halt to construction and suggested buildings close to completion be converted into a hospital or school or something. “We’re going to expropriate that and turn it into a hospital– I don’t know– school, university”

There is nothing wrong with a president being concerned about urban sprawl or congestion, but the people just elected a mayor who should be making such decisions. The danger is Chavez has a desire for a “socialist society” that most probably does not jibe with the aspirations of most people in his nation. Each time he intrudes into the activities of daily life, he makes his presence known as the decider of what should happen.

The Western Hemisphere already has a decider in Washington D.C. who, ironically, has the same mental attitude as the two-it Mussolini of Latin America.

  • Beechy

    Hugo Chavez is finally mobilizing the oppressed, giving them new morale – and finally turning people’s heads to the issue of American Imperialism as the unsustainable and obsolete institution that it is. Capitalism is not sustainable and short term politics is not farsighted. The lower class will always outnumber the elites – the fundamentals of successful capitalism is exploitation. All that is needed to mobilise the exploited and call to reform is a symbol – and Presidente Hugo Chavez is it.