Hugo Chavez Rants Against Colombian Raid

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela never misses an opportunity to stride upon the stage of pomposity in order to inform the world who is good or bad. He termed the recent raid by Colombian troops upon FARC rebels hiding in Ecaudor as a “war crime” and demanded internatinal condemnation of the action. The Organization of American States approved a resolution calling the Colombian military raid a violation of Ecuadorean sovereignty. But, for Chavez, the self-appointed guardian of what must transpire in Latin America, much more is required. Ecuador’s Pesident Rafael Correa announced his nation was cutting off diplomatic relations with Venezuela.

Lost in the rhetoric of defiance is any mention that Ecuador–and Venezuela– have given refugees to drug dealing so-called “leftist” forces who have kidnapped people and held them for ransom as well as cooperating with drug lords. Chavez told Colombia he didn’t care about their $6 billion annual trade and might even nationalize the assets of Colombian investors in his nation.

For some reason, Chavez did not find time to condemn Turkey’s recent eight day invasion of northern Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish rebel forces. Ecuador can not afford refuge to rebels who long past have lost any respect as agents of reform in Colombia. They are simply cut-throat drug dealers who kidnap and abuse people.